Temporary Roofs

Temporary Roofs in Haywards Heath, Brighton
and All Areas Surrounding Eastbourne

Temporary roof scaffolding is an effective way to protect buildings and workers throughout a construction or renovation project. At Austins Cradles Ltd, we provide temporary roofs for residential and commercial properties in Eastbourne, Brighton, Haywards Heath and the surrounding areas. We offer adaptable solutions to meet the needs of your site, including the option to encapsulate the roof or entire building.

Austins Cradles Ltd is a respected scaffolding company providing expert services for all project types. Please visit our website gallery to see examples of the temporary roof and scaffold structures we offer, including corrugated sheet roofing.


Building Weather Protection

A temporary roof provides excellent weather protection when the roof of a building is compromised. As such, temporary roofing is ideal for projects that involve removing a roof, such as renovations. They can also be used when constructing new properties, extensions or loft conversions.

The temporary covering provides building weather protection by stopping rainwater from entering the property. This protects the structure and any items or materials inside. It also offers protection from other elements. Our scaffolding company can advise on the best solution for each structure and predicted weather conditions.

Workforce Protection

Temporary roofs also protect workers, making them a key aspect of health and safety. It is important to assess the weather conditions you are likely to experience during your project to determine if a temporary roof will be beneficial. We generally recommend them for longer-term projects, especially those taking place during winter. However, temporary roof scaffolding can also be effective during the warmer months.

The temporary roof protects workers from rain, wind, snow and the sun, giving them a more comfortable work environment and helping prevent health issues caused by exposure to different weathers. Furthermore, the roof keeps rain, ice and snow off of access scaffolding to minimise slip hazards and increase safety. Shielding the work areas means work doesn’t have to stop in poor weather.

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Temporary Roof Scaffolding from Austins Cradles Ltd

Our scaffolding company offers a stress-free service for temporary roofs in Eastbourne and all areas within 25 miles, including Brighton and Haywards Heath. The following are key aspects of our services:

  • Survey and Quotation

  • Design Work

  • Corrugated Sheet Roofing

  • Wrapped Sheet Roofing

  • Shrink Wrap Roofs

  • Supply and Installation

  • Safety Checks

  • Scaffold Tags

Depending on your needs, we can encapsulate just the roof or the entire structure. We carry out a safety check after installation and every 7 days to ensure stability.

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