Chimney Stack Scaffolding

Chimney Stack Scaffolds in Brighton, Eastbourne
and the Surrounding Areas

Chimneys are a common site on homes and commercial properties in Eastbourne, Brighton, Haywards Heath and the surrounding areas. As the most exposed part of the roof, they often need maintenance or repairs to keep them stable, safe and weathertight. But how are you meant to reach the chimney to repair it? While many people’s first thought might be to use a ladder, this poses a high level of risk. Instead, we strongly recommend chimney stack scaffolds. These are specially designed to provide safe access when working on chimneys.

If you are looking for a scaffolding company to supply a chimney scaffold anywhere within 25 miles of Eastbourne, Austins Cradles Ltd is here to help. We offer a full service for residential and commercial chimney scaffolding, covering supply, assembly, inspections, dismantling, collection and full compliance with current regulations.


All Types of Chimney Scaffolds

We can provide chimney scaffolding for all properties, roof types and buildings of any height. This includes residential and commercial properties, from semi-detached and terraced houses to large buildings used for business, leisure and public or private services.

There are three main types of chimney stack scaffolds:

  • Full Chimney Scaffold – Provides access to all sides of the chimney.

  • Half Chimney Scaffold Gives access to one side of the chimney stack.

  • Quarter Chimney Scaffold Offers limited access to one area of the chimney.

Our service includes everything needed for safe access to the chimney, such as tubes, fittings, handrails and roof ladders. Our scaffolding company understands the needs of each industry and project type, ensuring ideal solutions for any scenario.

Uses of Domestic and Commercial Chimney Scaffolding

Chimney stack scaffolds aid all types of chimney-related projects. They provide a platform to stand on with rails to prevent falling so work can be undertaken safely and efficiently. Workers can keep the items they need to hand, minimising the need to go up and down.

Our customers in Eastbourne, Brighton, Haywards Heath and the surrounding areas use quarter, half and full chimney scaffolds for the following:

  • Chimney Cleaning

  • Chimney Painting

  • Chimney Repointing

  • Chimney Repairs

  • Chimney Pot Replacements

  • Chimney Flue Replacements

  • Chimney Removals

  • Chimney Rebuilds

As a safety-conscious scaffolding company, we recommend using chimney stack scaffolds for any chimney project. The enhanced reach and safety they provide outweigh any potential benefits of not using chimney scaffolds.

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